Who wouldn’t want to wear a nice shiny sneakers? My favorite place to go is footlocker. That’s my favorite place because I like sneakers and there’s nice sneakers there.

The first reason why I said footlocker is my favorite place to go is because they have nice sneakers. When you walk in the store you can smell the nice, good smell. Also if you like a pair of sneaker you can try them on and see how you look with them on.

The next reason why I said I like footlocker is because you can go there and see what's stocked. Also you can pick any brand you want like you can get Nike, Jordans, Adidas, Reeboks.Theres all kinds of shoes. Some people like to order there shoes online, but I’d rather go to the store and get it and get to try them on.

The other reason why I said I like it is because you don’t only have to get shoes you can get socks. The socks are nice they are Nike Elites. They have protection when you put them on the socks are very thick. Also they have socks with NBA player on them.They even have regular black or white nike socks. Its in a pack. At foot locker they also have sweat joggers they are nike kind and theres jordans joggers to. They even have shirts theres nike and jordan shirts.They also have snap backs with sport team names, and there logo of the team

The end.